11th Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms
WAOA 2013
September 05-06
Sophia Antipolis, France


Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms 2013 - Accepted papers

Oded Lachish, Alexandru Popa and Trevor Fenner. Min-Sum $2$-Paths Problems
Ofer Neiman. Low Dimensional Embeddings of Doubling Metrics
Yuichi Asahiro, Jesper Jansson, Eiji Miyano and Hirotaka Ono. Degree-Constrained Graph Orientation: Maximum Satisfaction and Minimum Violation
Nicolas Boria, Federico Della Croce and Vangelis Paschos. On the Max Min Vertex Cover problem
Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi, Rohit Khandekar, Guy Kortsarz and Zeev Nutov. Capacitated Network Design Problems: Hardness, Approximation Algorithms, and Connections to Group Steiner Tree
Ulrich Pferschy and Joachim Schauer. Approximating the Quadratic Knapsack Problem on Special Graph Classes
Rémi Watrigant, Marin Bougeret and Rodolphe Giroudeau. Approximating the Sparsest k-Subgraph in Chordal Graphs
Jaroslaw Byrka, Shanfei Li and Bartosz Rybicki. Improved approximation algorithm for $k$-level UFL (with penalties), a simplistic view on randomizing the scaling parameter
Erika Coelho, Mitre Dourado and Rudini Sampaio. Inapproximability results for graph convexity parameters
Hemant Tyagi and Bernd Gartner. Continuum armed bandit problem of few variables in high dimensions
Kamiel Cornelissen, Ruben Hoeksma, Bodo Manthey, N S Narayanaswamy and C S Rahul. Approximability of Connected Factors
Anna Adamaszek, Rob van Stee, Marc P. Renault and Adi Rosen. Reordering Buffer Management with Advice
Marek Cygan and Łukasz Jeż. Online Knapsack Revisited
Matus Mihalak, Rastislav Sramek and Peter Widmayer. Counting approximately-shortest paths in directed acyclic graphs


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